The Lore

The intersection of Blowers Street and Grafton Street – also known as ‘Pizza Corner’ – is located in downtown Halifax. Originally, this intersection consisted of three pizzerias known mostly for their Halifax style donairs. However, it has since transformed into Halifax’s hub for street foods, where tourists and locals flock until the early hours of the morning.

During the 1995 G7 summit, this quintessential Halifax intersection lured world leaders and catapulted the Halifax donair on to the world stage.

With their population of just 390,000, the Haligonians – with a rich history of street food bravados – have created Canada’s most enduring street foods and have wondrously managed to cluster them in the intersection of Blowers & Grafton.

It is time to repackage this Canadian wonder with a contemporary setting and share this culinary + drink experience with Calgarians and the thousands of Nova Scotians residing in our city with fond memories of Halifax Street Foods.




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